With snowshoes through the landscape of the Dolomites

Adventure and experience of nature in one. Leave your tracks in the deep snow.

Snowshoe hikes have their own special appeal: They combine activity with relaxation, adventure with an experience of nature. Trudge through the untouched snow away from all the hustle and bustle. Leave your tracks in the deep snow. The fun way to romantic places and idyllic viewpoints. Breathing pure winter air. Seeing nature at its best. Luxuriating in the silence and recharging the batteries.
Our tip: Free loan of snowshoes and walking sticks.

Ski tours in the Dolomites

Experiencing nature at its best, enjoying the silence and listening deep inside oneself.

Step by step, pole movement by pole moment, you walk towards the summit. A unique panorama opens up at the top. You are filled with sheer joy. Anticipation of an exciting run downhill in the deep snow is rising. And then you dive ... into the fantastic descent. Back in the valley, one thing is certain: You will soon climb up again.